Pemetaan Tempat Perkembangbiakan Potensial Anopheles sp. di Tempat Wisata Pangandaran

  • Wawan Ridwan
  • Andri Ruliansyah Loka Litbang Kesehatan Pangandaran
  • Asep Jajang Kusnandar Loka Litbang Kesehatan Pangandaran
  • Firda Yanuar Pradani Loka Litbang Kesehatan Pangandaran
Keywords: Malaria, Anopheles sp, Breeding Place,, Mapping, Tourism Area


Abstract. Most Malaria cases in West Java were concentrated in the southern coast region and one of them
is Pangandaran district. There were still many potential sites for Anopheles sp. breeding place in
Pangandaran, so that the Regency was categorized as a receptive area. This study aimed to identify the
spread of potential breeding sites for Anopheles sp. in Pangandaran Regency. The data were collected using
a spatial method in all of the areas in Pangandaran District. Data collecting was done by mapping the
positive breeding sites of Anopheles sp. which was then overlayed with a map of the tourist destination in
Pangandaran Regency. The larvae found were identified as An. aconitus, An. annularis, An. barbirostris, An.
identifinitus, An. maculatus, An. subpictus, An. sundaicus and An. Vagus. All of the species found were
potentially became malaria vectors. There seven positive breeding sites were found which six of them located
in tourism areas that were the Districts of Pangandaran, Cimerak, Parigi, Kalipucang, Sidamulih, and
Cijulang. It was concluded that Pangandaran still has the potential for malaria transmission both for local
transmission and for the potential entry of imported malaria.

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