JHECDs accept and publish 5 (five) original and review papers within health epidemiology and communicable diseases subject. Any other papers broader than previously mentioned but still related to communicable diseases (e.g economic or policy study related to communicable diseases) are considerable. JHECDs is scheduled to publish twice a year (June and December).  However, this is not limiting the submission process. The author may still submit their paper for the next publishing issue.
JHECDs only publish peer-reviewed papers. All papers submitted will be read by our editor before "Accepted for peer-review process" or "Rejected" decision made. A cover letter from the author to the journal editor will reduce the time for this process. Paper accepted for the peer review process will be forwarded to at least two potential reviewers. A notification email will be sent to the reviewers. A reviewer has the right to accept or reject the paper assigned and the editor will search for another potential reviewer. All review processes will be done anonymously, the author might provide the list of potential reviewers with competing interest to the journal.