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The Liquid soaps were prepared into four formulas with variation of patchouli oil concentration that were F0 (0.00% w/w), F1 (0.05% w/w), F2 (0.50% w/w), and F3 (1.00% w/w). The liquid soaps were evaluated including organoleptic, microscopic property, physical stability by using centrifuge test, pH, foam height and stability, viscosity and rheology, and antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 25923 by using disc diffusion method and chloramphenicol as a positive control. The results showed that all liquid soap formulas had following characteristics: translucent except F3 slightly murky, homogen, stable after centrifuge test, pH between 6.55 – 6.66 that were no significantly different and met SNI standards of liquid soap, foam height between 2.67 – 3.23 cm that were no significantly different and stable after 5 minutes of testing, viscosity between 2237 – 2397 cPs relatively equal in all formulas with pseudoplastic rheological properties. The patchouli oil liquid soaps had antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 25923, where F0, F1, F2, F3 and positive control result in inhibition zone diameter of 11.26±2.60 mm, 14.60 ± 2.45mm, 15.51 ± 0.44 mm, 17.97 ± 0.71 mm and 19.00 ± 3.92 mm respectively. Based on the ANOVA one way test, the addition of 1% patchouli oil gave a significant effect on the inhibition zone diameter compared to F0 (without patchouli oil) 2020-02-12T07:13:12SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Kontribusi Kelengkapan Pengisian Formulir Rekonsiliasi Obat terhadap Penggunaan Obat Rasional pada Pasien Rawat Inap di RSU X Bekasi 2020-02-27T00:50:45SE Asia Standard Time Kurniatul Hasanah Retnosari Andrajati Sudibyo Supardi Drug reconciliation is needed to get rational treatment therapy. The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship between the completeness of filling out the form of drug reconciliation and rational drug use at Bekasi X Hospital. The study design used a cross-sectional comparative study to compare between 56 completed drug reconciliation forms and 133 incomplete drug reconciliation forms. Sampling is done in total sampling. The research sample that fulfilled the inclusion criteria was 189 forms (40.6%) of all (466) drug reconciliation forms in November 2015-end April 2016 at X Hospital Bekasi. Data was analyzed using Chi-square test. The results showed that the largest percentage of filling out drug reconciliation forms was incomplete (70.4%), carried out by the pharmacist (56.1%) and not signed by a doctor (63.5%). Percentage of rational drug use by 7.9%, with details: correct diagnosis 53.4%, correct indication 53.4%, correct selection of medicine 33.9%, correct dosage 8.5%, exactly how to administer 37.6%, on time giving 13.8% and correct time giving 14.8%. There is no significant relationship between the completeness of filling out the drug reconciliation form, the types of health workers, the presence/absence of a doctor's signature and rational drug use in inpatients (p> 0.05).Tthere is no significant relationship between the completeness of filling out the reconciliation form and rational drug use in inpatients at Bekasi X Hospital (p> 0.05) 2020-02-18T09:15:16SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Autentikasi Centella asiatica (L.) Urb. (Pegagan) dan Adulterannya Berdasarkan Karakter Makroskopis, Mikroskopis, dan Profil Kimia 2020-02-28T03:08:57SE Asia Standard Time Anshary Maruzy Mery Budiarti Dyah Subositi Pegagan or Centella asiatica (L.) Urb. empirically used as medicinal plant and scientifically can be used as antihypertension based on the results of the Jamu Saintification. Raw materials from C. asiatica have the potential to occur adulteration or incorrect use of plants species. There are two species of plants that have the potential to become adulterants of C. asiatica, namely Hydrocotyle verticillata and Merremia emarginata. Thus, the purpose of this study is to authenticate from Pegagan by comparing the macroscopic, microscopic, and chemical profiles of C. asiatica, H. verticillata, and M. emarginata. The method of data collection is done by purposive sampling using form intruments to record macroscopic and microscopic characters, while the chemical profiles are tested using thin layer chromatography methods to determine the content of asiaticosides in both potential adulterants species. The research was conducted at three sampling points: Central Java (Tawangmangu), West Java (Bogor), and East Java (Malang), while for laboratory research activities carried out at B2P2TOOT, Tawangmangu. The results showed macroscopically unique and easy distinguishing characters between C. asiatica and potential adulterant species H. verticillata is a leaf shape, whereas C. asiatica with M. emarginata are leaf-type appearance characters. The character of the simplicia leaf shape between C. asiatica and H. verticillata can be a distinct differentiator characters. Anatomical characters and powder fragments that can be used as a differentiator characters between C. asiatica and H. verticillata are the presence of pith on the stalk and stolon, the type of stomata, and the presence of trichomes. Authentication of simplicia powder of H. verticillata as an adulterant potential of C. asiatica with TLC, can be easily known by the absence of asiaticosides in these simplicia so that H. verticillata cannot be a substitute species for C. asiatica 2020-02-24T04:49:26SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Analisis Lanjut Pemanfaatan Empiris Ramuan Seledri (Apium graveolens L) oleh Penyehat Tradisional 2020-02-28T03:09:11SE Asia Standard Time Lestari Handayani Lucie Widowati Celery (Apium graveolens L) is a very popular plant as a soup and many other vegetable menus. Celery has benefits as a medicinal plant and the efficacy has been known worlwide. Research on Medicinal Plants and Herbs (Ristoja) conducted in 2012, 2015, and 2017 has collected thousands of herbs and some of them contain celery. This study carried out further analysis on the empirical use of celery as an ingredient of traditional medicine by traditional healers (Hattra) through interviews and observations. Based on Ristoja's data, they found 90 herbs and among them there were 20 local names of herbs which are used by Hattra. The celery by Hattra was empirically identified for 10 types of diseases treatment. It was used mostly for hypertension or high blood pressure treatment and justificatied scientifically through other scientific literatures. It was recommended that celery could be use for self-medication a mild hypertension patient. Celery was safe although there are still contra indications. The celery treatment should be socialized through promotive activities in elderly posyandu activities remain under supervision of health workers 2020-02-24T05:19:59SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Kepuasan Pasien Rawat Jalan terhadap Pelayanan Kefarmasian di Rumah Sakit dan Puskesmas di 11 Provinsi di Indonesia 2020-02-28T03:09:21SE Asia Standard Time Nita Prihartini Yuyun Yuniar Andi Leny Susyanty Raharni Raharni Pharmaceutical services is a direct service and responsible to patients relating to pharmaceutical products aimed to improve the quality of life of patients. Quality of pharmaceutical services can be assessed based on outpatient satisfaction. The aim of the study was to compare the satisfaction of outpatients with pharmaceutical services in hospitals and primary health care. This study used a cross-sectional comparative study design and was conducted in February-November 2017 in 11 provinces, each province consisting of 2 districts/cities selected purposively. Samples were outpatients who got medicines in hospitals or primary health care at least 31 patients in each pharmacy. Satisfaction was assessed by the dimension of responsiveness, reliability, collateral, friendliness, and physical evidence. Data was collected by the questionnaires and analyzed using chi-square test. The results of the study show that outpatient satisfaction with pharmaceutical services in hospital and primary health care was 90,9% and 96.6%, respectively. The largest percentage of outpatients in hospitals and primary health care are in the age group of 40-59 years, female, has further education, and not working/housewives. There were significant differences in the age group, gender, and education of outpatients between hospitals and primary health care. There was no significant relationship between the characteristics (age, sex, education, occupation) of outpatients and satisfaction with pharmaceutical services in hospitals and primary health care 2020-02-24T00:00:00SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Efektivitas Formula Krim Tabir Surya Berbahan Aktif Ekstrak Etanol Biji Wali (Brucea javanica L. Merr) 2020-02-28T03:09:32SE Asia Standard Time Almira Amini Candra Dwipayana Hamdin Handa Muliasari Windah Anugrah Subaidah High intensity of ultraviolet (UV) radiation causes several adverse effect such as erythema, sunburn, pigmentation, early senescence, and skin cancer. These effects can be prevented by using sun protection product. Wali (Brucea javanica L. Merr) is one of natural plants that contain phenol and flavonoid. These compounds are proven to have sunscreen effect. The purposes of this studies are to formulate and evaluate the effectivity of oil-in-water-type sunscreen cream using 1% ethanol extract of Wali seed. The sunscreen cream is developed by using a fusion method and the evaluation of the effectivity is conducted in vivo on the skin of mice (Mus musculus). The formulated sunscreen cream is then tested for its physical properties, including homogenity, pH, spreadability, adhesion, and stability. The effectivity of the formulated cream is also tested by observing the formation of erytema on the skin of mice (Mus musculus). Erythema appearing on the mouse skin is analyzed with ImageJ and SPSS v23 using the one way anova method. The results showed that the ethanol extract of Wali seeds could be formulated into sunscreen cream. Furthermore, the formulated cream was also able to protect the mice skin against the formation of erythema significantly compared to negative controls (p <0.05) after exposure to UV B light by 93% erythema inhibition activity 2020-02-24T06:07:38SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Aktivitas Anti-Mycobacterium tuberculosis Kombinasi (-)-Epigallocatechin-Gallate (EGCG) dan Obat Antituberkulosis Lini Pertama 2020-02-28T03:09:41SE Asia Standard Time Anggita Mirzautika Isnaeni Isnaeni Djoko Agus Purwanto Tuberculosis is a global health problem, and there is even an increase in cases of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in the world. Therefore, research is needed that can find new anti-tuberculosis drugs (OAT) that are more effective for tuberculosis treatment. In this study, the effect of (-)-epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG) of tea leaves (Camellia sinensis) combined with the first-line OAT will be observed, in order to find out whether EGCG has anti-tuberculosis activity and can increase the potential of first-line OAT in-vitro. The anti-tuberculosis activity of EGCG was determined by broth dilution method using Middlebrook 7H9 media at concentration of 50, 100, 150, dan 200 ppm, then the potential of first-line OAT before and after combined with the EGCG was observed. The results showed that the activity of EGCG at concentration 50 ppm and 100 ppm could inhibit the Mycobacterium tuberculosis growth by 80%, at concentration 150 ppm by 90%, and at concentration 200 ppm by 100%. First-line OAT activity before combined with EGCG was ≥ 90% at 5 ppm rifampicin, 0.5 ppm isoniazid, 50 ppm pyrazinamide, and 5 ppm ethambutol. Whereas after combined with EGCG, the potential of each drug increased, marked by anti-tuberculosis activity achieved ≥ 90% at lower concentrations, i.e. rifampicin 0.5 ppm, isoniazid 0.25 ppm, pyrazinamide 20 ppm, and ethambutol 2 ppm. These results indicated that the potential of each first-line OAT increases after being combined with EGCG, and EGCG has potentiation effect when combined with those drugs. In conclusion, EGCG can increase the first-line OAT activity 2020-02-24T07:05:48SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Perdagangan Bebas Produk Farmasi dan Alat Kesehatan serta Kesiapan Memenuhi Persyaratan Cetak Biru Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN 2020-02-28T03:09:52SE Asia Standard Time Lukman Prayitno Max Joseph Herman The implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) as an Indonesian Government’s strategic step has an impact on economic globalization. The study on pharmaceutical products and medical devices free trade was done using qualitative and quantitative methods. The data were collected from a round table discussion about "Free Trade in Health Goods and Services in ASEAN" which involved the Ministry of Health (MoH), Ministry of Trade (MoT), and National Agency for Drug and Food Control (NADFC). The discussion aimed to obtain information on the readiness to meet the AEC blueprint. Secondary data on export and import of pharmaceutical products and medical devices were obtained from the MoT. The results of the study show that between 2013 and 2017 there were 70-72 product items exported to 9 ASEAN countries with a value much greater than the import. The tariff measure (TM) requirements included the Most Favored Nation (MFN) assessment and regulation of the trade remedy procedure by MoH and MoT. The implementation of ASEAN Common Technical Dossier (ACTD) and Good Manufacturing Practice inspection agreements, Bioequivalence reporting agreements, agreements related to traditional medicines and health supplement have been done by NADFC and industry. The simplification of Certificate of Origin, operation certification procedures and realization of ASEAN self-certification have to be specified. MoH must coordinate with NADFC and MoT in deciding and implementing regulations 2020-02-24T07:23:07SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Front Matter Volume 10 No 1 Tahun 2020 2020-02-27T00:50:44SE Asia Standard Time Nanang Yunarto 2020-02-24T08:30:13SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Back Matter Volume 10 No 1 Tahun 2020 2020-02-27T00:50:45SE Asia Standard Time Nanang Yunarto 2020-02-24T08:42:01SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement##