Pengaruh Pemberian Ekstrak Etanol Daun Lannea Coromandelia Terhadap Perubahan Berat Badan Dan Kondisi Fenotip Makroskopik Organ Tikus Wistar

  • Evan Febriansyah
  • Nona Rahmaida Puetri
  • Marlinda Marlinda
Keywords: Lannea coromandellica, Weight, Phenotypic, Macroscopic, Wistar Rat


The use of kuda-kuda leaves has long been carried out, several studies have shown that these leaves can increase the body weight of livestock fed with fresh horse leaves and extracts. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of giving kuda-kuda leaf extract on changes in rat body weight as a basic study to produce drugs that have the potential to be weight-enhancing drugs in the future. The sample was a female Wistar mouse given ankuda-kuda leaf extract. Each treatment group was 5 female wistar rats, with a total treatment of 3 groups, so that the total number of samples was 15 female wistar rats. The dose-determined kuda-kuda leaf extract was administered orally using a one-time gastric sonde. Observations were continued from the first day to the 14th day, and every day a weighing was carried out and on the 14th day macroscopic observations were made on the condition of the rat organs. Data analysis was carried out using the SPSS program using krusscall wallis (non parametric) analysis. rats given horse extract leaves with a concentration of 3000 mg experienced the highest increase when compared to rats given horse-leaf extract with concentrations of 500 mg and 5500 mg. It can be concluded that the administration of kuda-kuda leaf extract caused an increase in rat weight. This can be caused by the content of several compounds that have the potential as a supplement for health found in the leaves of kuda-kuda such as ß-Sitosterol, tannins, and flavonoids.


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