Author Guidelines

SPIRAKEL published twice a year (June and December), contains research articles, review articles / literature review / studies related to health / vector-borned diseases.

Only articles which are not published yet or will not be published in other media will be accepted.

The research article submitted to this journal will be peer-reviewed at least 2 (two) reviewers.

All manuscripts should be sent to the Editor of SPIRAKEL through the Online Submission in this address  If authors have problems while sending the manuscript online, please contact the Editor at email

The corresponding author must sign and return the statement of ethics and copyright transfer document upon submission as supplementary. Click here to Author(s) Statement of Ethics and copyright transfer forms.

The manuscript of a research result should be written in a systematical order consisting of: title, the name of author, abstract accompanied with keywords, introduction, method, result, discussion, conclusion and recomendation, references.

The title of manuscript should be short and informative, consisting of 15 to 20 words.

The names of authors should be written in full accompanied by the name of the agency or institution and address of the author(s).

Abstract can be written in English and Indonesian and should be short but informative, consisting not more than 250 words and accompanied by 3 to 5 key words for making indexing purposes.

Introduction includes the background of the problem, problem statement/research question, objectives and benefits of the research and themes of the theory/operational variables.

Method contain explanation about concerning location and time, design research, material and instrument, data collection, population and sample, the procedure of reseach and data analysis.

Results clearly statement accompanied by illustration (pictures, graphs, tables, diagrams) to be given a title and a full description.

Discussion includes an overview, analysis of the data, the results of statistical test and interpretation of analytical results.

Conclusion contains summary statement of result that answer the research objectives.

Recommendation can be a solution of the problem or advanced thought by researcher based on the result of the research.

Acknowledgments made in one paragraph, do not need to use point.

References following the guideliness of Vancouver arranged in order of appearance in the writing. We recommend you to use reference manager tool such Mendeley to manage reference in the manuscript.

Click here to template for manuscript.